Weekly Schedule Caching Problem Fixed

I am pleased to report that the page and file caching problem that has plagued the Weekly Schedule application for several years has finally been fixed.

In order to take advantage of this fix, you will need to clear your browser’s cache. Once that has been accomplished, your browser should stop caching the HTML pages as well as any course-related files that you download from the Weekly Schedule by clicking links. Consequently, as you navigate the Weekly Schedule site and download course content, you should always be getting the latest version.

If you already know how to clear your browser’s cache, then please do that immediately. If you access the Weekly Schedule from more than one browser and/or more than one device, please make sure that you clear the cache from all relevant browsers on all relevant devices. If you don’t know how to clear the cache on your browser, here are some resources to help:

The caching problem was caused by the technology behind the Weekly Schedule Web site. It is re-generated in its entirety from time to time using an XML/XSLT workflow. In between generations, it appears to HTTP servers and browsers like a static Web site. The problem was finally solved using Apache Module mod_headers. Many thanks to the tech staff at Rose Hosting for their help installing and configuring this fix.

Daphne Arrives at Ligent

Daphne, the newest of a long line of Linux-based virtual private servers, is now operational at Ligent.  Daphne runs Centos 7 and is hosted at Rose Hosting.  The move to Rose was motivated by Rose’s claim of strong support for Django and Python.  Django implementations of a number of Ligent applications are currently under development.  Meanwhile, Daphne includes a Liferay server on which the legacy Ligent applications are running.

The name Daphne was chosen in honor of Django Reinhardt, after whom the Django Web application serving framework was named.  Daphne is the name of one of Reinhardt’s most popular works.

Stay tuned for more Django developments on Daphne!


Thunder Arrives at Ligent

The various Ligent Web sites, including Escape Veloicity, have been hosted on a succession of virtual servers provisioned by Eapps.  Thunder is the newest cloud server that Ligent has created at Eapps.  Starting this week, Ligent apps are starting to transition from our old server (Cloud) to Thunder.  As of this posting, Escape Velocity is now running on Thunder.

Long live Thunder.